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How’s Klinsy Doing So Far?

I was only able to watch part of the Slovenia game yesterday. I have been saying for some time that I like Altidore, but he is not good enough to be a lone striker. In theory Klinsmann’s 4-3-3 should put more guys forward, but the reality was that the wingers played more defensive roles and Altidore was left to do the attacking work himself. That explains the lack of goals. Switching to a 4-1-2-1-2 made a huge difference.

Johnson had a very promising debut, but we’ll see how he does over time. I agree that Bradley was excellent and demonstrated why he should be in the starting 11. I also agree that Beckerman shouldn’t be there. He is a fine MLS player and a decent player to have on the bench. But if Donovan was there I’d think Bradley would start as the CDM and even without Landycakes present it seems to me to make more sense to put Edu there.

I still don’t understand why Omar Gonzalez isn’t getting called up. And Klinsmann seems to have reiterated in interviews that he isn’t likely to call on him soon. OG is exactly the player we should be grooming to replace Boca and bringing him on as sub in games like these would be a great start.

I guess the bottom line question for me though is whether this is any better than Bradley. Honestly, right now I don’t think so. I said at the time that I didn’t see much point in firing Bradley but that sometimes change for the sake of change is good. And I do still think the change in coaches may be worth it just for the shakeup. But Klinsmann has yet to prove he was worth it and only time will tell if he is.

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The Pit of Despair

September 3rd, 2011 | By: DAS | Comments Comments(0)

I know it was just a friendly. I know it wasn’t the full team. I know it doesn’t mean anything. Yet I still found myself feeling a bit like Wesley in the Pit of Despair, torture device and all.
The real agony is not in losing 1-0 to Costa Rica in a friendly. Nor is ... [read more]


July 29th, 2011 | By: DAS | Comments Comments(0)

Sorry for the lag in postings. Been busy and away. Logging in remotely now. I had planned a longer post on how much I liked Bradley, why I thought it was time for a change anyway, and why I thought it wouldn’t happen regardless. Guess I was wrong. US Soccer sacked Bradley yesterday and apparently will be announcing his replacement ... [read more]

Fresh… and Clean as a Whistle. US 2 – 0 Canada

June 8th, 2011 | By: DAS | Comments Comments(0)

Amazing how refreshing a good cleanse can be.
Tonight’s victory over Canada in the Gold Cup washes away the ugly filth of the Spanish drubbing from the weekend. The US team that showed up tonight bore no resemblance to the ramshackle crew assembled against Spain. Granted, Canada is far from the stiffest competition in the ... [read more]

Determined Spaniards Get Their Revenge, 4-0

June 5th, 2011 | By: DAS | Comments Comments(0)

Saturday’s game proved once again that a determined Spaniard always gets their revenge.
Grant Wahl tweeted before kick-off that Spain was resting so many starters that it was like going to see the Beatles with Ringo doing all the singing. Well, if Spain was a Ringo-only Beatles, the US was more like a full ... [read more]


May 31st, 2011 | By: DAS | Comments Comments(0)

In 2009, the US pulled an historic upset, beating Spain, the best team in the world, in a semi-final of the Confederations Cup. Though I saw the result first-hand, what kept coming to my mind was the inimitable Vizzini from Princess Bride saying “Inconceivable!”
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